How To Build Your Makeup Collection For Free

If makeup is something you love, then you already know how expensive it can be to build up your beauty collection.

Fortunately, various methods are available for giving your makeup bag a nice boost of beauty products coming from major beauty brands, including GLAMGLOW, bareMinerals, Estee Lauder, Benefit, and MAC.

Discover how you can get free products by reading our comprehensive how-to guide.

So why do big companies give makeup away for free?

The reason why major beauty brands give free samples away is to spread the word about their products and company.

Free samples let you ‘try it before you buy it.’ Companies are hoping if you try out their products for free and end up liking them, then you will buy them in the future. Companies are wanting their brands to stand out and a great way of doing that is to give out free samples.

There are a number of different methods to get free beauty products and makeup so continue to read to learn tried and tested methods.

Find company giveaways to get free makeup

One of the easiest methods for getting free beauty products via giveaways that can be found online. The way we shop has been revolutionised by social media with several platforms being used by many brands to connect first-hand with consumers and cut the middleman out in the process.

To generate interest for a brand, or spread the word about a new product, beaut companies like to hold free sample giveaways. Normally they are operated on the basis of first come, first served so you need to ensure that you apply right away as soon as you hear about a giveaway.

Beauty samples are an excellent way of testing a product out for free before buying it.

There are new ways to sample beauty product at all times, so be sure to keep a close watch for all of the most recent giveaways at the FreebieEmpire site.

Get free beauty products from product review trials

So how can a company know if its products are actually good? Or if customers will trust a product really does what it claims?

You can read honest reviews written by real people – who are just like us.

Major beauty brands frequently will run a product review panel. People are able to sign up for the panel and test a new product out for free by giving an honest review in exchange. It allows you to test new products out that you might not normally try, and it allows companies to build up their review ratings and reputation.

Also, most of these products that you get are full-sized!

Sign up for free to the following product review panels:

  • Noughty Hair
  • Philips Product Tester
  • BzzAgent
  • The Insiders
  • Glamour Beauty Club
  • ELEMIS Review Panel
  • Boots Volunteer Panel

Get beauty freebies every month from Debenhams Beauty Club

At FreebieEmpire, the Debenhams Beauty Club is a real favourite here. Each month, they release a new beauty freebie in stores for members to claim. The products range from perfume to toiletries and makeup and aways are of decent quality and size.

In recent months we have been fortunate to be able to claim some great beauty freebies, which have included full-sized Nourishing Body Oil from Kiehl, Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum, and Rituals Shower Foam.

Become a member and watch for emails from FreebieEmpire to find out when the next giveaway is going to be. Just visit your closest Debenhams store, show your card to them and then claim your freebie!

There is more…

Members of the Debenhams Beauty Club get a Brow Wax for free on their birthday. Isn’t that fabulous!

So be sure to not miss out and get signed up today to become a Debenhams Beauty Club member for free.

At beauty counters, get free makeup

If there is a certain beauty product you are looking for, you can just go to a beauty counter and simply ask for a free sample.

Most brands have samples to give to prospective customers for free.

One of the most difficult makeup products to buy is foundation and that is when a free sample can come in handy. To ensure that a certain shade matches the tone of your skin and the foundation is well-suited your type of skin, and it isn’t good enough to test your hand in the store.

The best way that you can test a new foundation out is to receive a sample you can wear for a few days in your regular life. That can allow you to check to see if the foundation coverage is what you are looking for and that the texture will fit directly on your skin, and the colour is a good match.

Brands like Dior, Clarins, Bobbie Brown, and Estee Lauder all offer foundation free samples when you show interest in it when you are at their beauty counter, So when you find yourself at House of Fraser, Debenhams, or another beauty department store, let the professional makeup artist know you would like to test a new foundation and they will provide you with one that will best suit your needs and preferences.

Get free beauty samples via competition wins

Entering competitions can be another way to get free beauty products. Although the chances of winnings are not guaranteed, it doesn’t take much time to apply to competitions and normally the prizes are more than freebie giveaways.

Watch the Free Competitions tab on all of the latest beauty competitions. All of the competitions that we post we do verify, so you can enter them knowing that it is a legitimate competition.

So there you go! All of the different ways to get free beauty products and makeup both instore and online. Let us know if you have beauty freebie tips that we have missed!

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